Baker & Marcus.  Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers.  Contact us at (480) 315-6513
Baker & Marcus.  Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers. Contact us at (480) 315-6513
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This web site is for general information about Arizona personal injury and wrongful death law. This site has been prepared by John Baker and Bradley Marcus for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. We have made every effort to provide up to date information, however, we can make no guarantees. No one should act upon information contained in this web site without first consulting with a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer. The legal issues in a personal injury or a wrongful death case may be very complex. Every case is different and needs to be individually analyzed by an experienced attorney.

Please be advised that viewing our web site and communicating with us by electronic mail does not create an attorney-client relationship. You should be aware that contacting our law firm through the Internet is not considered secure and, therefore, you should not send us confidential or sensitive information. We would recommend that you contact us by telephone to discuss any potential case or answer any questions. We are always available, without charge, for telephone consultations. Our telephone is Scottsdale is (480) 315-6513.

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