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Product Liability Cases

Have you been injured by a product? If so, you may have a claim against the manufacturer or seller of the product. There are various types of product defects that cause injury. A product may be defective if it breaks or malfunctions. A product may be defectively designed. A product-may be defective because it lacks adequate warnings or instructions.

Arizona law imposes "strict liability" against those responsible for putting the defective product on the market. For example, if a person involved in a one-vehicle accident is injured because the seat belt did not function properly, there may be a claim against the manufacturer of the car and seat belt. If a person is injured on the job because of a dangerous and defective piece of machinery, there may be a product liability claim against the manufacturer and seller of the machinery. A dangerous medication that causes injury may expose the drug company to strict liability.

At Baker and Marcus we have successfully handled a variety of product liability cases. We have handled cases against car manufactures for defects in their vehicles. We have handled prescription drug and medical device cases when they cause injury. We have handled a number of cases involving household products.

As with any case, there is never a fee to discuss your case with us. If we can help you with your case, we will only charge a fee when we recover money for you. Please call us at the earliest opportunity if you have been injured by a product. It is very important to preserve the evidence with respect to any product or products that may be involved. If the product is lost, destroyed, repaired or changed after an accident, this may jeopardize the case.

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