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Baker & Marcus.  Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers. Contact us at (480) 315-6513
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Why do you need a laywer?

A lawyer experienced in wrongful death cases should analyze every case involving accidental death to determine whether the survivors have a case and, if so, what compensation is fair. Without a lawyer, the survivors may have a good case and not realize its full value. The survivors may not preserve testimony or evidence necessary to prove a case. The survivors may sign a release or inadvertently do something that will jeopardize their claim. Essential time limits may expire. The insurance company for the responsible party may not treat the survivors fairly. These are potentially serious pitfalls that can be avoided by, at least, having a lawyer review the case.

Why do you need a lawyer?At Baker and Marcus, there is no fee to meet with us to review your case and answer your questions. We will spend whatever time is necessary to evaluate your case and completely answer your questions at no charge to you. If you do have a case and would like us to represent you, we will take the case on a percentage fee basis. If you do not have a case or if you do not need a lawyer, we will tell you so.

Having a lawyer does not mean the case will take longer to conclude or end up in trial. In fact, the case may be concluded faster with an experienced lawyer. A qualified wrongful death attorney will know how to present the claim and what must be proven to satisfy the insurance company that the claim has merit. The majority of cases settle without going to trial.

It is not advisable to deal with the insurance company for the responsible without first consulting with an experienced wrongful death lawyer. You will be dealing with an insurance company that has experienced lawyers and adjusters working for its benefit, not your benefit. The insurance company may be primarily interested in settling your claim as cheaply and quickly as possible. To this end, the adjuster may try to discourage you from speaking with a lawyer. You need to ask yourself if the insurance company is really looking after your best interest or the insurance company’s best interest.

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