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Baker & Marcus.  Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers. Contact us at (480) 315-6513
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Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident the biggest mistake you can make is trying to handle your claim directly with the insurance company. The insurance company has two goals: (1) to settle your case quickly and (2) to settle your case cheaply. The adjuster may not tell you what you are really entitled to receive for compensation. You may be forced into a quick settlement that leaves you vulnerable if you have additional bills or medical problems. You may be told by the adjuster that you do not have a claim or that the insurance company is not required to pay the full amount of your damages. When you attempt to deal directly with the experienced insurance company adjuster, you are at an extreme disadvantage.

We would like to help level the playing field. At Baker and Marcus, we handle a variety of motor vehicle accident cases. We handle cases involving pedestrians and bicyclists who have been injured by careless motorists. We have handled numerous motorcycle accident and are familiar with the unique issues those cases present. Commercial truck drivers are responsible for a large number of accidents. There are Federal and State regulations that govern commercial truck drivers. We have successfully handled many cases involving commercial drivers.

If you have been injured in any motor vehicle accident, please give us a call at (480) 315-6513. There is never a fee to discuss your case and answer your questions. Do you need help finding a good doctor? Do you lack health insurance and need a doctor who will wait for payment until your case settles? Do you need help getting your car repaired or help with a rental car? Do you have any questions about whether you have a case or what insurance benefits may be available to you? Do you want a lawyer who will give your case personal attention and take the time to listen? If so, Baker and Marcus are the attorneys for you.

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