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Baker & Marcus.  Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers. Contact us at (480) 315-6513
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our Philosophy

Baker & MarcusEveryone who has lost a loved one due to an accidental death or has been the victim of an injury due to negligence needs to know his or her legal rights under Arizona law. There is no amount of money that can ever replace a human life that has been lost due to the negligence or wrongful act of someone else. However, in such situations, the law recognizes that close relatives of the decedent should be entitled to some financial compensation to help them with their emotional and financial losses resulting from the death of a loved one. Arizona wrongful death law is designed to assist people who have lost family members due to someone’s fault or neglect.

Similarly, Arizona Tort law is designed to assist people who are the victims of personal injury by entitling them to compensation for damages including but not limited to medical bills, loss of wages and for pain and suffering.

The tragedy of an accidental death or injury is compounded if the victims do not know what claims they are entitled to make and what compensation they are entitled to receive. Sadly, there are many individuals who do not even realize they have a case or they may not recognize that potential claims may exist against others who contributed to the injuries or death. Likewise, there may be sources of compensation or insurance that go unclaimed. If the legal time limits expire without a claim being made, the victims may have suffered a substantial financial loss that could have been avoided. At Baker and Marcus, we will do whatever we can to assure that every client receives the fair and full compensation he or she deserves.

Baker & MarcusAt Baker and Marcus our philosophy is to provide quality legal service to victims of accidents and those who have lost family members. We have been partners and practicing law together since 1987. We have over 55 years of combined experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our law practice is limited to handling cases of wrongful death and serious personal injury. John Baker has been certified by the State Bar or Arizona as a specialist in wrongful death cases. (Less than 1% of all Arizona attorneys have this certification.) Bradley Marcus has handled a number of cases resulting in compensatory awards in excess of 1 Million Dollars ($1,000,000).

In addition to providing quality legal service, we provide personal service when it is needed most. We are a small law firm that limits our caseload so that we can give every case individual attention. John Baker and Bradley Marcus will handle your case personally, not some legal secretary, paralegal or junior associate. You will always be kept informed of the status of your case. If you need to speak with us or meet with us, we are always available for you.

It is also our philosophy to provide aggressive representation to our clients. If you do have a case and would like us to represent you, we will represent your interests aggressively within the bounds of the law and the Code of Professional Responsibility. We will do whatever we can to see that you receive fair and full compensation without unnecessary delays.

There is absolutely no attorney fee at Baker and Marcus for you to meet with us or call us to see if you have a case. We will schedule early morning, evening or weekend appointments for your convenience. If you are unable to come to our office, we will be happy to meet with you in your home. If you would like to simply speak with us on the telephone to see if you have a case, we are available at (480) 315-6513.

At Baker and Marcus, the personal injury and wrongful death cases that we accept are handled on a reasonable percentage fee basis. There is no attorney fee charged until there is a recovery for you. Every fee agreement is in writing and clearly explains the fee charged and the scope of the representation.

On most cases, we will advance the costs and expenses necessary to prepare the case. The Arizona State Bar rules do require that the client must be ultimately responsible for repaying these costs.

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